Transload Facilities

Mouat has been designing and building sand systems for over 50 years. With extensive experience in material handling and process control, we have designed state of the art transload facilities to meet the needs of our customers. We realize that every customer has a unique set of criteria depending on their clients’ demands, market forces, budget and location. Mouat’s designs span from a simple rail to truck transfer facility to a 60,000,000 pound (30,000 ton) transload facility built to efficiently accommodate unit trains.

As with all of our facilities, the process has been streamlined and capital equipment has been reduced. Mouat’s early engagement in the design-build process allows for the integration of ideas from our background in multiple industries. This involvement further enhances our ability to add value in the early stages of the process.

Although all of our transload facilities are custom built, the following features are common with most arrangements:

  • PLC controlled loading and unloading systems with central HMI control.
  • Rail unloading systems capable of unloading a 100 rail car train within 24 hours.
  • Truck loading systems capable of loading a truck within 5 minutes.
  • Multiple truck scales for simultaneous load out.
  • Integral dust collection systems with truck load out.
  • Computer based truck weighing and bill of lading system.
  • Remote access to all systems.
  • Inventory management tracking system.

Video: Transload Construction Time Lapse   01:16 min

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