Frac Sand Resin Coating Plants

Resin coating plants require control well beyond that of wet and dry frac sand plants. Additions of resins, water and surfactant are all tightly controlled and the timing of additives is critical to the process. Sand temperature in the mixer must also be within narrow limits. Leveraging our experience in designing precise sand systems for foundries producing safety parts for the automotive industry, Mouat has become a leader in designing and building resin coating plants over the past ten years.

Mouat has built plants where labor is minimized to the point where the facilities are typically operated from a control room and require minimal maintenance. As with all of our facilities, the process has been streamlined and capital equipment has been reduced. Mouat’s early engagement in the design-build process allows for the integration of ideas from our background in multiple industries.

The use of new technology in heating sand over the conventional “Ferris wheel” direct gas-fired method, where much of the heat was lost in the stack, is an example of how Mouat has brought innovation to the industry. This newer technology is becoming an industry standard.

Mouat’s success in this field is not only a direct result of our innovation and long history of quality projects, but it is also a result of our overriding commitment to our customer – a value that we maintain as an unquestionable standard of doing business.

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