Mineral Processing Plants – Overview

With Mouat’s extensive experience in material handling and process control, we have designed and built mineral processing facilities where labor has been minimized to the point where the facilities are typically operated from a control room and have minimal maintenance. As with all of our facilities, the process has been streamlined and capital equipment has been reduced. Mouat’s early engagement in the design-build process allows for the integration of ideas from our background in multiple industries. This early involvement further enhances our ability to add value in the mineral processing facility design-build process.

Mouat’s success in this field is not only a direct result of our long history of successful projects, but it is also a result of our overriding commitment to the success of our customer – a value that we maintain as an unquestionable standard of doing business.

The equipment and the process used in the mineral processing plants that Mouat has designed and built have many applications. Mouat uses the same Williams and Raymond grinding mills to pulverize or granulate and air-classify the material in the following types of facilities:

  • Mineral Processing Plants
  • Coal Grinding Plants
  • Calcium Carbonate Plants
  • Limestone Processing Plants
  • Phosphate Rock Processing Plants
  • Bentonite Clay Processing Plants
  • Barite Grinding Plants

For many of these applications, these facilities also dry the material using a propane or natural gas heater.

Video: Greenfield Design-Build Project      02:33 min

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