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Frac Sand Plants – Overview

The Mouat Company has been providing turn-key systems for the metal and mineral processing industries for over 40 years. Early in the growth of hydraulic fracturing, we recognized that the frac sand industry was likely to be an expanding market for our services and have focused our efforts at being the best in the field at providing cost efficient facilities using few operating units. Our experience in designing and building industrial plants has made us a leader in frac sand plant design and construction.

The application of a disciplined approach to facility design and project execution developed over the last four decades in other industrial processes has enabled Mouat to streamline this process. When quality and cost-effective solutions are essential, Mouat has the expertise to achieve your goals.

Frac Sand Plants – Design Build

Our experience as a design build contractor for process intensive facilities and material handling applications has transcended itself to a number of different industries, but has been particularly beneficial in the development of an optimized frac sand plant.

Some of the improvements to the process came from unique and creative technical solutions, but the majority were obtained from the cumulative effect of many small changes in the arrangement of proven equipment that simplify the process, making it more controllable and operator friendly.

The result of this process has been frac sand plants and resin coating facilities designed and built by Mouat that have less equipment, consume far less energy and utilize less manpower for operation and maintenance. Most importantly, these facilities can be built with far less capital investment. Mouat has the experience needed to engineer your project to “best practices” standards. Since Mouat develops and owns their designs, we can also replicate a design to minimize schedule time. Our design-build facilities are ready for construction and once completed, are handed over to our clients turn-key.

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