Bentonite Processing Plant

Bentonite Performance Minerals (BPM)

Colony, Wyoming

3-D Model Essential in Retrofit

After reviewing concepts presented by other contractors that were cost prohibitive, BPM contacted Mouat to develop a concept to bring bentonite material in from its shipping yard, over rail tracks, and back into its facility to be further ground to meet specifications of a new customer.

Mouat proposed a system that would bring the material into the building, feed it to a new Ferrell Ross grinding mill, then integrate the finished product into the existing system to be screened and distributed to the proper storage silos.

After extensive surveying of the building and existing equipment, Mouat created a 3-D model of the equipment at the Colony plant and designed the new grinding system on a level above existing equipment. The success of this project was dependent on the accuracy of Mouat’s 3-D model due to the tight arrangement of existing equipment and a thorough understanding of the process flow of the existing operations.

“There aren’t enough O’s in the word ‘Smooth’ to describe how
this project went.”

Roger Hathaway
Bentonite Performance Minerals

Colony, Wyoming

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