Asama Coldwater Manufacturing
Coldwater, Michigan  USA
Greenfield Casting Facility

Asama Coldwater Manufacturing contracted Mouat on a fixed price basis to design and build a casting facility to produce gray iron rotors for Honda Motor Company.  Mouat was given turn-key responsibility from concept development to casting production. The project was completed in 13 months from date of contract execution.

Mouat provided general arrangement engineering for overall facility and detailed engineering for melt system vault, equipment foundations, sand system, sand tower structure and equipment including conveyors, bins and elevators.

Mouat installed a Disa 240 C molding machine and melting furnaces and procured and installed sand processing equipment, casting handling equipment, environmental systems and electrical controls.

Foundry Design   Greenfield Foundry Design-Build
Foundry Equipment Installation   Casting Facility Construction
Foundry Build Installation   Iron Foundry Construction
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